5 Essential Elements For car accident lawyer Buena Park CA

a. To result in to maneuver all-around an axis or Middle; bring about to rotate or revolve: A motor turns the wheels.

? turn down vt sep bedclothes → zurück- or aufschlagen; collar, brim → herunterklappen; corner of webpage → umknicken

flip - alter orientation or way, also from the summary sense; "Flip in direction of me"; "The mugger turned and fled prior to I could see his face"; "She turned from herself and figured out to pay attention to Some others' requires"

a. To alter the position of by traversing an arc of the circle; pivot: turned his chair towards the speaker.

= shock, fright to offer anyone a convert → jdm Angst or einen Schrecken einjagen; you/it gave me very a transform → du hast/es hat mir einen schönen Schrecken eingejagt

vi +prep obj he turned down a facet street → er bog in eine Seitenstraße ab ? flip in vi her toes change in when she walks → sie läuft nach innen, sie läuft über den großen Onkel (inf)

go - go so as to alter posture, accomplish a nontranslational motion; "He moved his hand marginally to the ideal"

change the tables, convert the tide - cause an entire reversal in the instances; "The tables are turned now that the Republicans are in electricity!"

sixteen. To lead to to act or go in opposition to; make antagonistic: The scandal turned community opinion from the applicant.

38. an act or occasion of turning or maybe the point out of currently being turned or the material turned: a turn of a rope all-around a bollard.

turn on, activate - result in to operate by flipping a swap; "turn on The sunshine"; "activate the stereo"

fall - pass instantly and passively into a state of human body or head; "drop right into a lure"; "She fell ill"; "They fell from favor"; "Fall in adore"; "tumble asleep"; "fall prey to an imposter"; "drop into an odd means of considering"; "she fell to pieces just after she shed her do the job"

(= transpire) → sich herausstellen; he turned out to get the murderer → es stellte sich heraus, dass er der Mörder war

two. to convey one thing when It's not at all your house to state it or a little something you shouldn't have said. die verkeerde ding sê يقول شَيئاً في غَيْر مَحَلِّه أو وقْتِه говоря не на мястото си falar fora da vez / interromper / interceder mluvit mimo pořadvertí dazwischenreden sige noget i utide; sige noget uklogt μου ξεφεύγει κτ. που δε θα 'πρεπε hablar fuera de lugar vales kohas või vale asja rääkimine more info here بیجا حرف زدن puhua ohi suunsa parler à tort et à travers לְדַבֵּר בַּזמָן הַלא נָכוֹן बिना पारी के बोलना izlanuti, zaletiti se olyat szól, amit nem kellett volna bicara tidak pada tempatnya (parlare a sproposito) 軽率なことをいう、時をわきまえずにいう 경솔한 말을 하다 išsišokti izteikties nevietā mengatakan sesuatu yg tdk kena pd tmptnya zijn mond voorbij pratensnakke i utide powiedzieć coś nie w porę بیځایه خبری کول не к месту prerieknuť sa govoriti ob nepravem času; povedati, kar ne bi smel govoriti preko reda tala i otid, uttala sig taktlöst พูดไม่ดูกาลเทศะ düşünmeden konuşmak 魯莽的插話 говорити невпору, не до речі جب بولنے کا وقت نہ view it ہو اس وقت بولنا nói những điều car accident attorney Buena Park CA không nên nói 鲁莽的插话

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